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Jazz Band

Jazz Band is an optional opportunity for band involvement. The Jazz Band is made up of advanced musicians who play together in a traditional Jazz arrangement. Students learn a 50+ catalog of songs that they will perform at a variety of community and school district wide events.

Benefits of Jazz Band

Students are challenged to learn more advanced music and at a faster rate. This promotes music reading, advanced musicianship, and exposure to other genres of music, in addition many Jazz Band students also switch instruments. Since most of their performances are hired “gigs” students get real-world experience in performing in professional settings

Practice Schedule

Students will attend Jazz Band as part of their normal school day. These daily class sessions are the majority of Jazz Band practice sessions. However, extra practices schedule outside of the school day may be called as students get closer to performances.


Performances dates change based on booking requests. These performances may include performing at city-wide events, fire stations, or school district ceremonies. However, the Jazz Band always performs a holiday concert in December, and they perform at the “Swing The Night Away Gala” at the UTSA ballroom. This is a public fundraising event. Family and friends are encouraged to attend and enjoy a silent auction and a night of dancing.